Government Lockdown 3.0

Is it just me or is this lockdown FAR worse than the previous two? Not only does the weather increase the intensity of it, but the not knowing when it’s going to end keeps me awake at night.

I do however feel that this will be the last one! Hallelujah!

Not working, homeschooling, miserable weather, husband (luckily) still working, Salon closed, no contact with friends or family other than virtually, and yet the weeks seem to be flying by. Certainly puts an end to the rumour that “time flies when your having fun” well, we now know this not to be true!

Motivation is at an all time low, there are no timescales for things to be done. Got a huge washing pile?? Ahhhh never mind! Leave it! Got months to get that done, then eventually if you are like me you slowly morph into a slob. That is if you are stuck at home with no way to “work from home” ! Or is that the same for home workers??

My weekly excitement was at one point slapping my makeup on and doing the food shop... now I get delivery because the motivation to put my makeup on has well and truly pissed off aswell... ROLL ON FREEDOM. I want to forget this version of me! Are you feeling the same way? I’d say it’s a small version of a pity party? I want my old life back!

- Chloe

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